Frequently Asked Questions

For property sellers


General seller FAQs

What are your fees?

The fee an agent charges is determined by the range and extent of the services the property owner requires. For the most part, the commission charged by full-service property agents throughout Sydney is between 2% and 3% of the final sale price of the property. 

In most cases, the cost of marketing the property can vary between $1000 – $5000, but this depends on the services required by the vendor (e.g. how many photos, additional floorplans, copywriting, staging or styling, etc). 

Agents can also arrange for other services if the vendor requires them, such as mortgage brokers, solicitors, conveyancers and removalists, all of which can add to the overall cost of selling and moving to a new home. 

The best way to get an accurate cost of selling your home is to have an agent visit your property to appraise it’s value on the current market. They can then provide you with a detailed breakdown of the exact costs involved for the future sale.

To arrange an appraisal of your property, simply fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch!

What’s the value of my home?

In simple terms, your property is worth what a buyer will pay for it – compared with other homes in the local market.

To assess the value of your property, an experienced agent will take the following into account: 

  1. The number of other similar homes currently available in your marketplace
  2. The number of buyers looking for similar homes to yours in your marketplace
  3. The number of sales of similar homes that have occurred in your marketplace in recent weeks and months
  4. Other economic factors such as interest rates, employment rates in your area and the general movement of property prices (either rising or falling at that moment)

If you would like to arrange for an appraisal of your property, simply fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch!

Do I have to pay for marketing?

The short answer is no, you don’t. But without marketing, your chances of finding a buyer who is willing to pay a great price for your property are pretty slim!

Consider that marketing serves the purpose of showing your property at its best to create a pool of potential buyers. So without it, you could be left with little to no attention on your property – resulting in no offers and your home sitting on the market for weeks or even months on end.

An experienced agent will be able to guide you on the best use of your budget in the current market, whether that is spent on styling your property, online advertising, signage and print ads or by other means. Consider that all marketing efforts increase your chances of attracting a higher offer – which in the end could more than cover the overall cost!

How are you different from other agents?

At Prudential we’ve got a few strings to our bow. 

  1. We manage the largest portfolio of residential rental properties in Sydney’s South West – thousands. Each of these is owned by an investor, many of whom are always on the lookout for a new property – making for the single largest pool of potential buyers, who could be looking for a property just like yours!
  2. Having operated as a family business for over 30 years, we’ve got a knack for the local market and have mastered systems of selling – without the error you might encounter with a newer or less experienced agent.

  3. We’ve sold. And sold. And sold. But don’t take our word for it – just check out our Google reviews!

How is the price of my property decided?

The short answer is that at Prudential Real Estate, you decide what price we will ask for your property.

To determine this, we will provide you with a wide variety of market indicators that will help guide our recommendation to you. These include:

  1. A review of similar homes that have sold in your neighbourhood in the last few weeks and months
  2. The number of buyers actively looking for properties similar to yours
  3. The general movement of the local property market (rising, neutral or falling)
  4. The current average “days-on-market” for properties in your neighbourhood (how long it may take to sell your property)
  5. The number of similar properties currently available in your neighbourhood (your competition)

Once we have assessed all of the above, you will have a much better idea of a suitable asking price that will ensure an optimal sale. It will then be your decision to choose an initial asking price, followed by each of the elements in the marketing plan.